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Fort Myers: (239) 672-8934

(L to R) Thermal Glover Jr., 20; Le’Nal Shenard Glover, 19; and Ajaria Sharda Simon, 19 (Photos courtesy of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

Fort Myers Bank Robbery

Fort Myers authorities reported to the press that three suspects have been arrested in alleged connection to the bank robbery Saturday afternoon. Two women and a young man, all under the age of 21, are currently being detained by Fort Myers police.

Thurnal Glover, 20, of Fort Myers, was arrested along with two alleged accomplices, Lenal Glover, 20, and Ajaria Simon, 18. Each of the suspects has been charged with robbery with firearm and could be facing jail time. The arrest report stated that the group of suspects were seen fleeing from the bank in a car. After police pursued the vehicle, one of the wheels fell off, and the car was stopped. Each of the suspects were cuffed and taken to Lee County Jail. A Chase bank employee told the press one of the alleged suspects kept repeating, “I’m not playing.”

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