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Fort Myers: (239) 672-8934

Early Sunday morning two teens were shot at outside of a Fort Myers home in what police are calling a targeted attack. One of the teen’s died as a result of wounds from gunfire. This incident occurred just a month after two teens were killed at Club Blu.

According to the press a resident of the neighborhood has been urging people to speak up about the shooting. The unnamed neighbor of the victim told the media there are only two ways in an out of the neighborhood, so someone must have seen something. An eye witness reported that three males ran up to the victim’s car and opened fire. Lawrence Lockley, the victim, was 18 years old. Neighbors of Lockley told police they heard four or five shots ring out. Lockley’s girlfriend commented to police telling them if she wasn’t getting her hair done, she might have been shot also. Lockley was known as an outstanding student at his high school and was headed to college.

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