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12/26/13: Arrested for Violating your Probation by Absconding 

One of the most common (and serious) ways to be arrested for violating your probation in Fort Myers, Naples, or Port Charlotte is to abscond. Absconding means leaving the address your probation officer has on file for you without giving your probation officer your new address. When your probation officer does not know where you are living you will be violated for absconding.

The two most serious ways to violate your probation are:

  1. Absconding
  2. Getting arrested for new crimes

When you are on probation the courts look at your situation as if you are being given an oppurtunity to show the courts that you are serious about rehabilitating your life. When you run from this responsibility or commit additional crimes while shouldering the burden of this responsibility the court takes the behavior very seriously. Anytime you are arrested for violating your probation it is a serious matter and you are best served by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney to stand by your side – this is especially true when the violation is for a new criminal offense(s) or for absconding.