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04/22/14: How to Retain your Rights to Obtain Money for a Cruise Ship Injury

People from all over the country enjoy vacationing on cruise ships. What most people do not realize is that their ticket for their cruise on such major cruise lines as Carnival, Royal Carribean and Norwegian also serves as a contractual limitation regarding their rights to sue the cruise ship should they be injured during the cruise. One of the major limitations regarding the right to sue the cruise ship line following the injury is that the law suit must be brought in Miami-Dade county regardless of where the accident occurs or where the injured party lives and gets medical treatment. Another major limitation imposed regards the statute of limitations for bringing the lawsuit. While personal injury statutes of limitations vary from state to state they generally range from 2-4 years. The statute of limitations for filing the lawsuit relative to a cruise ship injury is 1 year, an incredibly brief amount of time.

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