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9/28/15: Off Duty Cop Accused of DUI

Miami-Dade police officer Albert Coriat, was arrested for DUI after he attempted to make an illegal u-turn. Florida Highway Patrol Troopers say that Coriat tried to avoid going to jail by telling troopers that he was an officer. The dash videos from the arrest, which were released to the public, recorded the conversation between Coriat and the FHP trooper.

According to the transcript of the video, Coriat told the trooper that he’d only had two beers and said that he was not drunk. The video shows him taking a field sobriety test. Authorities say he stumbled while walking and was unable to pass the field sobriety examination. According to troopers, he did not agree to take a breath test, and later on fell asleep in his own vomit after he was taken to a secure facility.

The video shows the arresting officer continually explaining to Coriat that he is under arrest for DUI despite being a police officer. Miami Dade PD refused to comment on Coriat’s alleged remark. He has been suspended without pay.

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