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8/27/15: Police Arrest Naples Man for Crashing into Truck        

20-year-old Cedric Patterson of Naples, Florida, was arrested after allegedly stealing a car, crashing it into a truck, and fleeing the scene of the crime. Reports indicate that Patterson was at the beach and stole his friend’s car after saying he just needed the keys to get his phone.

Patterson then allegedly drove off with the 2015 black Kia and crashed into a landscaping truck. No one in the truck was injured. He then drove away.  Police investigating the crash received a call about a damaged car driving around with smoke coming from the front. Authorities discovered the vehicle but did not find Patterson.

When the deputies did find Patterson elsewhere, he was observably injured and matched a description of the suspect driving the Kia. It has not been reported who provided the description. Deputies say they asked Patterson to perform a sobriety test after they smelled alcohol on him. Patterson refused to do a sobriety test but did admit that he had been in a car accident.

Cedric Patterson was arrested for DUI, DUI with property damage, hit and run, and grand theft auto. Contact the Law Offices of Viacava & Cantor at 239-672-8934 if you are facing charges for DUI or any other driving offenses.