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01/31/14: Florida Man Arrested for DUI Following Road Rage Outburst

Edward Hoover of Fort Lauderdale was arrested for DUI following an alleged prolonged episode of road rage. Mr. Hoover apparently became enraged after an off duty officer tried to pass him in his vehicle. Mr. Hoover started shouting at the off duty officer and gesturing that he had a gun. The off duty officer said Mr. Hoover was so irate his words were illegible. Mr. Hoover also threw items from his car at the off duty officers car. 

A second car pulled up to Mr. Hoover’s vehicle and when the driver asked Mr. Hoover to slow down he allegedly threatened to kill the driver and crashed his car into the other driver’s car pushing the car onto a grassy embankment. Eventually Mr. Hoover’s car was stopped by police who stated that Mr. Hoover was extremely intoxicated and had thrown up on himself. Mr. Hoover was arrested for DUI.

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Man Arrested for DUI Following Road Rage Incident