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01/31/14: Woman with Shredded Tire Stopped by Officer and Arrested for DUI

A Florida woman allegedly shredded her tire after crashing into a pole and then drove off. Following the accident a police officer saw a car driving down the road with a shredded tire and pulled the car over due to the condition of the vehicle.

After speaking with the driver the officer became suspicious that she was intoxicated. The woman told the officer that she was coming back from a methadone clinic and she hit a pole. The officer asked her why she didn’t call 911 following the accident and the woman told the officer that she didn’t have any minutes on her phone. The woman was arrested for DUI and while being transported to jail she passed out in the police car.

The implication of the story appears to be that the officer did not believe the woman was intoxicated via consumption of alcohol but rather through the use of drugs. In Fort Myers, Naples and Port Charlotte drug DUI’s are extremely common. If you or a loved one is arrested for DUI, regardless of whether the basis for the DUI arrest is alleged intoxication from drugs or alcohol contact an experienced DUI lawyer from Viacava & Cantor today at (239) 672-8934. A lawyer from Viacava & Cantor will take the time to go over all of the facts of your case with you during a free consultation.

Woman with Shredded Tire Arrested for DUI