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12/26/13: Fort Myers, Naples and Port Charlotte Driving While Intoxicated Arrest Attorneys: The Dashboard Cam Sees Everything

The Dashboard Cam is a video camera in the dashboard of police cars in Fort Myers, Naples and Port Charlotte. During DUI arrests the dashboard cam will capture the performance of the Field Sobriety Examination as well as any questioning by the officer (that is, of course, when the dashboard camera is working, many times videos are not made available to defense attorneys because the dashboard camera was inoperable at the time of the incident).

If you are being questioned by the police in reference to a suspected DUI it is important to be mindful of the fact that it is likely that everything you are doing is being recorded as visual evidence that will be able to be used by the prosecutor. This visual evidence can work both ways however. If what is seen on the video contradicts the officers statement this can be used to damage the credibility of the officer and strength your case. 

The dashboard cam video from a recent DUI arrest in Florida made national news as this article from one of the three major New York newspapers can attest to. A woman was being arrested for DUI when officers pushed her face against the patrol vehicle and the pavement which resulted in the woman suffering a broken facial bone as well as bruising and scrapes. A video is objective evidence of what happened – a video has no bias and no motive to lie. When you are potentially being videotaped be very careful as to how you do, and do not, behave.