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1/9/15: Southwest Florida Doctor Allegedly Runs Red Light and Crashes

Police reported to the press that a Southwest Florida doctor was arrested earlier this week. Luis Aponte, 40, was arrested in Cape Coral after crashing his car into the median and failing a field sobriety test.  

According to a witness of the incident, Aponte allegedly blew a red light, swerved recklessly, drove into the median and crashed. The one car wreck took place on Cape Coral Parkway and Coronado Parkway. The witness also told police that when he went up to the driver’s side window of Aponte’s vehicle, Aponte was unconscious. Police reported that Aponte vomited on a deputy when being helped. Authorities also stated that Aponte appeared to become extremely nervous when officers began carrying out a DUI investigation. Aponte allegedly failed a field sobriety test. Officers reported that drugs and several different pills were found in the crashed vehicle. Aponte was taken to jail and released on bail. If your or someone you know is arrested for DUI in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, or Naples, contact the Law Firm of Viacava & Cantor at (239) 672-8934.