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02/25/14: Dr. Alexis Martinez Arrested Following Gun Incident

The superintendent of a South Florida School District was arrested following an incident with a gun at a South Florida home. Alexis Martinez was present at the South Florida home when a gun shot went off. Nobody was injured but police were called to the scene. Upon arrival Dr. Martinez told police that he had hid the gun within the house but had forgotten where. Police officers repeatedly commanded Dr. Martinez to not interfere with their investigation or he would be arrested but the officers allege that Dr. Martinez continued not to listen to their instructions and to interfere with their investigation. Dr. Martinez was arrested for tampering with evidence and resisting an officer without violence. Tampering with evidence is a third degree felony punishable by up to give years in prison and resisting without violence is a first degree misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in county jail.

If you have been arrested for a crime in Fort Myers, Naples, or Port Charlotte the penalties can be extremely severe, when a gun is involved the severity of any potential penalty may increase. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer from Viacava & Cantor at (239) 672-8934 if you have been arrested for any crime in Fort Myers, Naples, or Port Charlotte and we will schedule a free consultation to discuss the facts of your case.

School Superintended Arrested Following Gun Incident