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8/27/15: Police Arrest Three in Ex-Girlfriend Robbery

In Cape Coral, three were arrested when deputies were called to the scene of a robbery. Cape Coral residents, 27-year-old Elizabeth Anderst and 29-year-old Stephen Thomas Kurzya, allegedly approached the woman and demanded drugs and money. The two told police that they had been sent by the victim’s ex-boyfriend to whom each of them were in debt.

According to the report, the woman’s ex, 30-year-old Cape Coral resident Oliver Pierre Rocher (also known as “Lotto”) had threatened to kill her. A friend called her and warned her about the “hit” and she relocated to a motel. It was here that she was contacted by Anderst and Kurzya, whom she recognized as her ex-boyfriend’s neighbors, who allegedly threatened her with a gun.  Kurzya then hit her over the head with the gun before the two ran away.

Both Kurzya and Anderst were charged with petit theft and robbery with a firearm. Anderst had the additional charge of battery for striking the victim in the head. Rocher was charged with trafficking heroin and possession of cocaine with intent to sell, and two counts of robbery with a firearm. If you have been accused of robbery, drug possession, or battery, contact the Law Offices of Viacava & Cantor at 239-672-8934 for the best representation in court.