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04/23/14: Florida Private School Principal Accused of Sexual Assault

James Larkin, the principal at Tampa Day School, was recently arrested for molesting a 14 year old student at his school. Larkin alleged befriended the boy after his father passed away. When the boys mother left town she left the boy with Larkin to look after him. Detectives allege that in a taped phone call Larkin admitted to the inappropriate sexual conduct. Larkin is presently in custody.

A conviction for a sex crime not only exposes you to a potentially severe prison sentence it also puts you in danger of receiving a conviction that can tarnish your reputation for the rest of your life. If you are accused of a sex crime in Fort Myers, Naples, or Port Charlotte call an experienced Fort Myers criminal defense attorney from Viacava & Cantor at (239) 672-8934 for a free consultation today.

Florida Principal Arrested for Sex Crime