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11/30/15: Florida Man Put Behind Bars after Tampering with Jury

James Perron was sentenced to two and a half years in prison after he was convicted of attempting to tamper with a jury. The case involved Wellington polo club founder John Goodman.   

According to reports, Goodman was on trial for DUI Manslaughter and one of Perron’s relatives was appointed to jury-duty for the case. Perron contacted Kris Kampsen, a polo player, who was a defense witness. Perron told Kampsen that he would get his relative to make sure the trial was either acquitted or a mistrial.  Kampsen immediately went to authorities after Perron requested a large cash payout for the deed. Goodman was convicted three days after police arrested Perron. U.S. Attorney Ellen Cohen said the deed was, “An attack on the judicial system in the state of Florida when you think about it.” The press reported that two other jurors were arrested for violating court order and searching for information about the case online. If you or someone you know is arrested for jury tampering or any other serious crime, contact the Law Firm of Viacava & Cantor for help. Call (239) 672-8934 for a free consultation.