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06/27/14: Drug Investigation Uncovers Large Amount of Heroin 

Darryl Caberera, 22, was arrested in Florida this week on four charges of selling heroin and upon arrest officers discovered half a kilo of heroin in his apartment leading to a fifth charge of trafficking in heroin. Caberera had been under investigation by narcotics detectives for months. Undercover officers had made multiple heroin purchases from Caberera during the course of the investigation. While the police have not presently released many details about the investigation or arrest drug investigations in Florida generally rely upon confidential informants and undercover detectives working in tandem. Either the confidential informant or the undercover officer will typically wear a wire to record the purchases of drugs from the suspects in these types of cases. Caberera is currently being held in jail without bond which indicates that he was likely on probation at the time of his arrest as he is legally entitled to a bond on the new drug charges that he is facing.

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Man Arrested with Half a Kilo of Heroin in Florida