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02/27/14: Manhunt Ensues After Sex Offender Dissapears in Florida

Christopher Jones, 37, was on sex offender probation which required him to wear an ankle monitor. Amid recent allegations that he had sexually abused a young family member Jones allegedly cut off his ankle monitor and went missing. A joint police taskforce put out a reward for tips as well as billboards with Jones’ picture in the areas of Florida where they believed he was likely hiding. A tipster who saw the billboard and recognized Jones called the police. Florida police officers surrounded the duplex where Jones was hiding and after a standoff Jones was arrested. Along with the new law charges related to the sexual abuse allegations Jones is additionally facing charges that he violated his probation by cutting off his ankle monitor and asbconding.

Mr. Jones is now fighting a battle on two fronts. He has to content with the new sexual abuse allegations as well as the probation violation for cutting off his ankle monitor and asbcoding. If you are on probation in Fort Myers, Naples, or Port Charlotte and you are alleged to have absconded or commited a new crime the potential penalties can be very serious. Contact an experienced lawyer from the criminal defense Law Firm of Viacava & Cantor at (239) 672-8934 if you have been arrested in Fort Myers, Naples, or Port Charlotte and would like to have a free consultation pertaining to your specific case.

Florida Sexual Offender Goes Missing