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The DUI Mins are the minimum and maximum punishments you can receive when convicted of DUI in the State of Florida per Florida Statute.

Florida DUI Mins Explained

The DUI Mins vary depending upon how many past DUI’s you have been convicted of, whether your breath or blood alcohol is above a .15, whether there was a minor in the vehicle, whether there was an accident and whether the accident caused serious bodily injury or death. Below please see a list of the mandatory forms of punishment associated with the DUI mins. Understand that the level of severity for each form of punishment varies depending on the severity of the DUI (i.e. the maximum amount of jail a person can receive on a first DUI is 180 days while the maximum amount of jail a person can receive on a DUI manslaughter is 30 years). For the specific DUI mins punishment for each individual type of DUI charge please click on the relevant tab on this website under DUI Defense.

  • Jail: A mandatory minimum amount of jail time is associated with many of the different DUI charges. For instance, if it is your second DUI within five years the minimum amount of jail you can receive is 10 days. In situations such as this your attorney can try to get those 10 days served as weekend days or completed through the work program. The work program allows your jail time to be completed through full days of manual labor without having to spend time overnight in jail.
  • Probation: All DUI’s come with a mandatory probationary term. For all non-felony DUI’s the probationary term will be served as County Probation with a County Probation Officer. For all felony DUI’s the probationary term will be served as State Probation with a State Probation Officer.
  • Fine: All DUI’s come with a mandatory fine.
  • Drivers License Suspension: All DUI convictions come with a mandatory drivers license suspension.  A first DUI has a minimum drivers license suspension of 6 months – a fourth DUI conviction has a mandatory lifetime drivers license suspension.
  • Community Service: Community Service is only mandatory for a first DUI conviction. A first DUI conviction carries with it a mandatory 50 hours of community service – all other DUI convictions beyond the first DUI conviction do not carry mandatory community service hours.
  • DUI School: DUI School is mandatory for all DUI convictions.
  • Vehicle Immobilization: Vehicle immobilization means that your vehicle will be impounded. If you do not own a vehicle we can request that the Judge waive the Vehicle Immobilization requirement.
  • Interlock: An interlock is a device that attaches to your cars ignition and does not allow the car to start until you successfully blow into the interlock device (a successful blow is one that does not include any breath alcohol). If you do not own a vehicle we can request that the Judge waive the Vehicle Immobilization requirement.

The penalties for DUI’s can be a great burden upon anyone. Contact a DUI Defense lawyer from Viacava & Cantor at 239-672-8934 (Fort Myers) if you have been arrested for DUI in Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda or Cape Coral so we can work towards getting your DUI charge reduced or dismissed.

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