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Violation of Probation Lawyer

The Fort Myers Criminal Defense Violation of Probation Lawyers at Viacava & Cantor can help you if you have been arrested for Violation of Probation (commonly referred to as VOP).

If you have been arrested for Violation of Probation in Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda a Judge issued a warrant for your arrest based upon the information they were provided by your Probation Officer in a sworn affidavit that outlined the reason or reasons why they were seeking to have you Violated on your Probation. Should you choose to hire the Law Firm of Viacava & Cantor to represent you, a Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer from Viacava & Cantor will contact all of the necessary parties in order to fight for you on your behalf. Contact Viacava & Cantor for a free consultation if you have been arrested for Probation Violation.

Probation Violation Explained

Probation Violation leaves one in a very vulnerable position. The maximum sentence you can receive for your probation violation is the maximum amount of incarceration allowable for the offense upon which you were put on probation unless you received a suspended sentence when you were originally put on probation in which case the maximum amount of incarceration is dictated by the limits of the suspended sentence. If you were put on probation for a third degree felony which carries a maximum punishment of five years in prison by violating your probation you are facing a maximum of five years in prison. Common reasons for Probation Violations include: Committing another crime, failing a urine analysis, failing to report to one’s probation officer, failing to complete mandated community service, failure to pay any fines or restitution that is owed, changing residences without permission of your probation officer and traveling outside of your county of residence without permission of your probation officer. The lawyers at Viacava & Cantor have represented thousands of people who have been accused of Violating their Probation.

Types of Probation in Florida

There are many different types of probation you can be sentenced to in Florida beyond the most common forms of probation (the most common forms of probation being standard County Probation for misdemeanor convictions and standard State probation for felony convictions):

Community Control: Community Control or house arrest is the most intense form of probation. When you are on community control you can only leave your residence with the approval of the your probation officer. Probation Officers will visit the residence at random times to make sure the probationer is at home and if they are not they can be violated.

Drug Offender Probation: Drug Offender Probation includes a curfew of 10 PM to 6 AM.  Drug Offender Probation is further distinguished from other forms of Probation through the colors program that the probationer is put on. Colors is a form of random drug testing whereby the probationer is assigned a color and each day must call the probation office to find out what color is being called in that day. If the probationers color is called they must go to the probation office and submit to a drug test.

Intense Supervision Probation: While Community Control and Drug Offender Probation are types of probation people convicted of felony charges are sentenced to Intense Supervision Probation is a form of probation utilized when people have been convicted of misdemeanor offenses. Intense Supervision Probation is an intensified form of probation where the Probation Officer has substantially more contact with the probationer meeting with the probationer each week as opposed to the monthly visit generally required with standard County Probation. Intense Supervision Probation will also include residential visits by the Officer and random drug testing.

The lawyers at the Fort Myers based Criminal Defense Law Firm of Viacava & Cantor handle Violation of Probation cases throughout the State of Florida. The Criminal Defense Law Firm of Viacava & Cantor is located in Fort Myers with close and convenient access to all other areas in Southwest Florida including Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel, Captiva and Marco Island. Call a lawyer from Viacava & Cantor at 239-672-8934 (Fort Myers) for a free consultation to discuss the specific facts of your case.

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